Amateur campers here… A new-found love?  Maybe. Our first camping experience ever was not that great so we decided to venture out on our own and see how it would go.  We bought all the necessary camping gear or at least what we thought we needed, packed everything in a rush on a Friday afternoon and took off.  The campground was only 25 minutes from our house.  We arrived in daylight (thank goodness!), got everything set up and then proceeded to make some dinner.  Instead of your typical hot dogs or hamburgers, which didn’t even cross our minds, we had…wait for it…burned quesadillas!  We cooked them in an iron skillet nonetheless.

We got everything set up and went to bed.  Then boom!  Thunder and lightning in the distance.  We stayed awake and checked the radar to make sure it stayed away.  We didn’t really want to make a jump for the car in the middle of the night!  The storm stayed away, and we slept fairly decently.

I woke up with the birds and the sun.  What an amazing moment to step out of the tent to a lake that looks like glass and a cool breeze.  Heaven!  The day was filled with fishing, swimming, making food and family.  My dad came to visit, and we cooked steaks and baked potatoes in the fire pit and later made smores.  The second night was warmer, but we slept pretty good anyway.

The next morning, we took our time.  The boys went fishing again (no luck) and I made pancakes and coffee.  After breakfast, we packed up and went home.

This experience was so good!  It was like a mini-vacation for the weekend.  This means we MUST do more of these!  I know, I know…you experienced campers are probably laughing at us!  It’s okay!  We all have to learn somehow right?  Some of us just get started with these things later in life than others.  That can be said for lots of things, right?